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At Dynamic Physical Therapy & Wellness, we take a holistic approach to treatment. Our highly trained team of professionals administer a range of treatments and preventative approaches that are tailored to each individual patient.

Physical Therapist

Assessment & Diagnosis

At Dynamic Physical Therapy & Wellness, we hear your story and take a detailed history. To that end, we create an individualized treatment plan including Assessment & Diagnosis aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together.


Treatment & Therapy

Treatment & Therapy forms an integral part of our approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring our patients’ long-term health and wellness.

Physical Therapy Session

Continued Care

We take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. Through our years of experience, we’ve found that Continued Care is a crucial part of the recovery process.

We tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Get in touch with us to find out more.

All About Dynamic Physical Therapy & Wellness

Movement for Life

We have successfully established our clinic here in Southern Utah with our practitioners coming to you with years of experience in the field of Physical Therapy and Wellness. Our clinic offers avenues to aid in healing your injuries and surgeries, improve functional limitations from life altering diseases, and provide alternative wellness approaches to overcoming your diet concerns, personal sensitivities and allergies. Our goal at Dynamic Physical Therapy and Wellness is to restore your mobility, strength your muscles, reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life through an effective, efficient and stress-free rehabilitation.


Working in successful outpatient clinics in Utah, Idaho and Washington State, our lead physical therapist has created a clinic with top ranked equipment to provide a smooth therapy progression coupled with variation assuring a tailored fit program just for you. This includes the practice of classic modalities of electrical stimulation and ultrasound to current modern-day use of vibration plates, cold laser and much more. Our personal goals are to continue to educate ourselves and learn different approaches for treatments that help you meet your individual goals with our company and your life.


Meet the Team

The team at Dynamic Physical Therapy & Wellness is comprised of skilled wellness professionals who are dedicated to getting our patients back to optimal health. We offer a range of specializations and skills to meet the individual needs of each one of our patients.

Book an appointment or contact us if you have any questions.


Angela Tanaka, DPT

Angie is a mom, a wife, a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), a business owner, and an excellent cook. Angie is a fan of physical activity in general, something that she picked up during her childhood in Southern Utah. She’s traveled around the U.S during her time in school, and then as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Angie first attended what is now Utah Valley University, then Southern Utah University, and finally received her Doctorate degree from Creighton University, in Omaha, Nebraska. She moved to fabulous Las Vegas, where she began to work, and where she also met her husband, Ben Tanaka.
After marrying Ben, the couple moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho, and, a few years later, relocated to the Tri-cities of Washington state, where Angie continued to practice therapy and be a parent. Her family is her greatest joy in life, and she loves to take them on plenty of adventures. Angie particularly loves hiking, playing sports, and seeing movies, as these are all things that her kids love.
Angie has opened Dynamic Physical Therapy & Wellness here in St. George, Utah, where her siblings and mother live. She has been extremely busy, but she manages it well, always making time for those who need her. Stop by 352 E Riverside Drive Suite A6 to meet her!

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques

NAET® was discovered by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad in November of 1983. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, also known as NAET, are a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to alleviate allergies of all types and intensities using a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines of medicine.
One allergen is treated at a time. If you are not severely immune deficient, you may need just one treatment to desensitize one allergen. A person with mild to moderate amount of allergies may take about 15-20 office visits to desensitize 15-20 food and environmental allergens.
Basic essential nutrients are treated during the first few visits. Chemicals, environmental allergens, vaccinations, immunizations, etc. are treated after completing about ten basic essential nutrients. NAET can successfully alleviate adverse reactions to egg, milk, peanuts, penicillin, aspirin, mushrooms, shellfish, latex, grass, ragweed, flowers, perfume, animal dander, animal epithelial, make-up, chemicals, cigarette smoke, pathogens, heat, cold, other environmental agents. It may take several office visits to desensitize a severe allergen.
NAET is available all over the world.   Contact our office for an initial appointment to discover how NAET can help improve your life.

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